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Parking restrictions
for removals

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Parking restrictions for removals

Why is it important to find out if there are parking restrictionswhen i move

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On the day of your move, there is one thing you could really avoid getting. Parking fine!  indeed, London is a minefield when it comes to parking fines. It seems like each individual London borough is constantly changing the parking rules just to catch us out. However, we can take control of the situation by implementing some simple steps. Indeed steps that not only could save you money. but also save a lot of hassle and stress and we all know we don’t want that.

So, the first thing to think about is the two types of parking permits available for removals.


Parking Dispensation

This type of parking suspension will allow you a certain amount of time at your location. Indeed, with this special parking dispensation you will be able to stop on single yellow line or even resident parking bays. Moreover, you could also apply for dispensation if you needed to park your loading vehicle in a red box or even a single lined red route. 

However, the down side to a parking dispensation is that you are not in control of the parking area closest to your door. Therefore you might have your parking dispensation. but still need to park your loading vehicle wherever you can find a parking space. and this could be many meters away making the loading and unloading of your vehicle very difficult.

Parking Suspension

Parking suspensions are very much like a parking dispensation. However, with a parking suspension, you have reserved your specific space in advance. This way you have rights to the loading area and can almost guarantee to be able to load and unload close to your door.

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This type of application would be recommended if you lived on a road where parking spaces are difficult to find. Furthermore, you would consider this type of parking suspension if your road had controlled parking zones. Or even if you lived in a high-rise block of flats and wanted to guarantee the location of your loading vehicle close to your building door.

However, not everything is as easy as pie. You see, each London borough has its own parking zones, rules, and suspensions. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you contact not only the borough of where you are currently living. But also, the borough where you are moving to. This way you will be fully prepared for your moving day and avoid any nasty surprises.

Parking Fines and Notices

white luton van parked on road with the headlights onThe procedure and payment for your parking suspension are usually organized by the client. The reason is that you are registered as living at the address and the council will be able to cross reference this information and supply you with the relevant documentation.

Parking fines can vary widely. In fact, they can vary from £30 in Merton to £300 in Islington!

Should you need a parking suspension we recommend starting your application as soon as possible. Indeed, some councils have been known to take up to 17 days to process a parking suspension application. However, should you have a moving date at short notice your local council will still be able to help. Contact the council from the list below and start your application as soon as you can.

London Councils and their parking departments

We hope to have been informative with our Blog. However, should you have any questions or need clarification please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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