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Pre-Move Planning

Moving FAQ

We believe in open communication and we are more than happy to answer your questions. In fact, to help you with your queries we have prepared some of the most common questions. However, should you not find your answer please feel free to contact us.

Normally we do not supply packaging materials. However, in case of emergencies we always carry with us a very small selection of different size boxes and wrapping materials. We know that no matter how much planning you do there will always be the unexpected item that you forgot about.

Yes. This service is particularly useful when we have clients between rented accommodation contracts. We have a secure storage facility at our warehouse location in central London. If you need us to safely hold onto some of your items for a few days or weeks just let us know.

Currently we have two Luton van sized vehicles on fleet. One Iveco (2019) and one Mercedes van (2019). Both of which are fitted with a tail lift and both have ample space to be able to fit most delivery requirements in one drop off.

Our vans are equipped with trolleys, Blankets, straps, Bungee cords, GPS tracking and Satellite navigation.

The price is calculated according to van size, van numbers, the number of helpers required to complete the job, the distance, the number of floors if there is no elevator in the building, toll zone if located in Central London – Congestion Charge Zone, and Ultra Low Emission Zone (if one of the addresses is in the location).

We would prefer it of you do. This way we can guarantee the correct resources for the job. Indeed, a deposit of 25% is requested to confirm your removal reservation.

The Balance payment can be completed on the day. However, we would prefer it if you would complete the balance payment no later than 5 days prior to your move.

We accept car payments online, bank transfers to bank details bellow or even cash on the day.

Yes. We do try to keep our prices as low as possible. However, weekend and afterhours deliveries incur extra costs. If you wish to try and reduce your quote as much as possible, we recommend booking your removal for midweek. Also, we would recommend to time the removal in such a way that it will be completed by 7pm. This way there are no out of hours charges.

We strongly recommend that you package these items very carefully. Please identify these items so that we can highlight them on the inventory list.

On the day

it’s finally arrived! Your moving day. Here are some questions to think of when the moment arrives.

The reality is that someone needs to be present to sign off the items and once delivered sign the delivery receipt. Because of this we will need someone to attend. Preferably the owner of the goods or an agreed representative.

Yes absolutely, if you need help, we can also include the service in your quotation. However if you are trying to find ways in which to economise then we suggest trying to pack as much as possible before we start.

If you would like us to help you with your furniture will need to make sure you have selected this option on your quotation form. Please be aware that some furniture are not meant to be disassembled.  (IKEA for example) and in fact other types of furniture might need special tools for disassembly and assembly. Talk to us about your needs and we will do everything we can to help.

Unfortunately, no. the reason is in regards to insurance claims. Our van Policy will only cover your goods in transit and staff of Express Removal Service.

Yes. As you can imagine the extra effort and work required to lift goods up stairs needs to be taken into account when delivering our quote. Hence it is extremely important that you fill in your quotation form correctly so that we don’t have unexpected charges to your bill.

We strongly recommend that you make an inventory list of the biggest items. Items such as furniture, number of boxes, number of bags, etc. this way we are able to check the list when unloading.

Road parking restrictions are a mine field of regulations and restrictions. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact your council parking authority for both pick up and delivery. (Depending on parking restrictions) and ask the council for a daily pass for loading/unloading your house move. (We can supply you with the can registration number for the temporary permit) The alternative is that we will need to add a charge of £80 to your invoice. This way if the van receives a PCN within 6 weeks the PCN can be paid for immediately. Should we not receive a PCN within the 6-week time frame we will refund you the £80.

Clearly it is not your fault if there is a traffic Jam. We do not expect you to pay for road traffic works or road diversions. We calculate the time of delivery from google maps directions and we this time amount when calculating your chargeable distance.

Please make sure if your old address or new address is inside the congestion charge zone. If you are not sure please visit the TFL website and input your postcode. The charge is £15 if you advance pay and £17.50 if you pay midnight of the same day.

Again, just as with the Congestions Charge you should also make note of your location with the ULEZ scheme. Please visit the TFL website for more information on location. Unlike the Congestions charge the ULEZ scheme operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The charge is £12.50 and can be pre-paid up to three days in advance.

Pricing, T&C's

We have tried our best to include the most common questions regarding pricing and service conditions. However please feel free to ask any questions we have not covered.

The unexpected sometimes becomes reality. In an unlikely event that you need to change or cancel your pick up we ask that you call us asap. We will do everything in our power to help you re-schedule. Furthermore, depending on how many days to pick we might be able to cancel with no loss of fees.

Not to worry. Our price is guaranteed. That is why we ask you to complete our quotation form accurately. Sometimes we ask for photos and video.

As soon as you have received our quotation reply and are ready to move ahead with the proposal, we will email you confirmation. Should you have not received you confirmation email within 24 hours of your booking being made please call us so that we may confirm your reservation.

As to our terms and conditions any reservations that need to be cancelled prior to 4 days of the actual even have the right to a 100% refund. 3 Days prior 80%, 2 days prior 50% and 24 hours prior there is a 100% charge. Please do talk to us about any possible problems and we will do everything possible to help.

In the extreme event that your booking has been cancelled we will only do so with written confirmation to your email. the reasons for such a cancelation can include failure of deposit or balance payments. However, we will do everything in our power to communicate with you regarding any possible problems.

We understand circumstances and plans can change. therefore, should you wish to cancel your booking we urgently ask that you inform us in writing as soon as possible.

Yes. Absolutely. Should you feel you have forgotten to include an item or items in your quote form please do send us an email with the description of the item. This way we can amend not only your inventory but also, if need be, your quote.

Yes. We ask that you inform us asap via email. also, you need to bear in mind the number of days left until your booking. (Due to any fees)

Our quotations do not include packaging materials. In fact, we try to keep our quotations as competitive as possible. However, should you need boxes, tape, carry bags please send us an email.

Ask Us a Question

We do try to cover as many questions as possible. However, we do realize that you might have specific questions which we did not answer in the FAQs above. Please do fill in the details and we will get back to you asap.

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